EIT Food Summer School

on New Product Development


EIT Food Summer School on New Product Development brings together 40 participants from different backgrounds and countries, who will come together to gain knowledge of the tools, techniques, and methodologies used in the process of new product development in the food industry. After five days of not only listening, but also experiencing the practical application of  these tools and techniques in a simulated environment, the participants will be ready to initiate, plan, execute, monitor and control the projects aimed at the development and marketing of new products and services, as well as to introduce innovations to the market in the food industry.


The summer school will include innovative approaches to teaching and learning in the delivery of the programme, namely: it will not only include lectures, but mainly interactive workshops, engaging project assignments, computer-based simulations, and case-studies related to real examples, prepared jointly by partners from academia and industry.


The Summer school is delivered by University of Warsaw, Technion, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, PepsiCo and start-ups from RisingFoodStars Association.


The EIT Food Summer School on NPD does not charge a tuition fee!

Stay tuned! Information about the registration, along with additional, detailed information about the event will be released here soon!

Are you ready to take your NPD skills to the new level?

Reasons to join


  • Become an expert on New Product Development!
  • Learn how to create and execute NPD project by understanding the market and consumer needs!
  • Apply sensory analysis in the process of food design!
  • Discover how to handle competing project requirements and constraints!
  • Learn from successful and unsuccessful product development case studies!
  • Team up with 40 professionals from RIS countries diverse backgrounds and identify how to meet the needs of food sector customers!
  • Network and share your experiences with directors, managers, scientists and other experts working in the agri-food industry!
  • Apply your new knowledge to contemporary issues during a real NPD process and make the difference!

Who are we?

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Stay tuned for updates on the EIT Food Summer School on New Product Develompent!

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