Health care management, co-funded by the European Commission from 7FP

TiMO participates in project MUNROS (Health Care Reform: the iMpact on practice, oUtcomes and costs of New roles for health pROfeSsionals), co-funded from the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development of the European Commission.

The project is carried out by a consortium of research institutions, led by the University of Aberdeen. Its planned timeframe are years 2012-2016. The Polish research team is managed by Michał Mijal, researcher from TiMO, and initially, the project inputs were prepared by Dr. Alicja Sobczak, who used to work at TiMO till December 2013.

MUNROS analyses healthcare systems of European countries, investigating the new professional roles, evaluating their impact on clinical practices and outcomes, and proposing ways of improving the delivery of health care services. The research uses practical aspects of management and organization theory, particularly in the areas of human resource management and operational management. By comparing systems in 9 countries, researchers will be able to benchmark processes and environment variables, attempting to identify good practices and sources of efficiencies. The study benefits from a mixture of research methods, including quantitative and qualitative analysis of secondary data, as well as primary data collection through interviews and questionnaire surveys with patients, health professionals and managers.

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