Michał Mijal

Academic title: Ph.D. (dr)
Position: Researcher
Room: B405/B406
E-mail: mijal@wz.uw.edu.pl

Michał Mijal, Ph.D. – assistant professor, visiting professor at the universities of: Izmir, Barcelona, Urbino. Areas of expertise: social aspects of management and use of games and simulations in the organizations. Author of numerous publications on labor migrations, ownership issues in the aviation market, corporate social responsibility and games and simulations application in management. Co-author of the monographs on bibliometrics in technology management and corporate social responsibility in Polish companies. Member of ISAGA (International Simulation and Gaming Association) and PTBG (Polish Game Research Association). Conducts trainings on management and interpersonal communication for various companies utilizing his skills and know-how obtained also as a practitioner. Project Manager of the research projects financed from both: EU structural funds and within 7th Framework Program. In 2013 received the Award for Academic Achievements of the Rector of the University of Warsaw.