Spin-off of the University of Warsaw

University of Warsaw established its business arm UWRC Sp. z o.o., and appointed in November 2012 Krzysztof Klincewicz as the member of its management board. The reform of science and higher education from 2011 introduced the notion of special purpose companies, which are formed by universities to actively participate in the market for products, services and technologies. UWRC helps commercialize technologies, developed by the researchers of the University of Warsaw. Initially, UWRC focuses on establishing radiopharmaceuticals manufacturing operations through the strategic partnership with the market leader AAA (Advanced Accelerator Applications) from France, using sophisticated high-tech equipment. Polish patients and hospitals will benefit from locally produced FDG (FluoroDexyGlucose), used in PET equipment to diagnose cancer and other diseases. AAA, UWRC and specialist research teams of the University also plan to combine their strengths in order to develop new technologies and radiopharmaceutical products.

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