Technology roadmaps

In 2012-2013, Krzysztof Klincewicz was involved in the analytical project, concerning technology roadmaps, carried out by a dedicated taskforce of the Technology Executive Committee (TEC). Roadmapping can be considered a good planning practice for technology development and implementation. The TEC taskforce explored the puzzling question, why there were so few technology roadmaps (TRMs) for climate technologies, with particularly limited numbers of TRMs defined by developing countries and TRMs concerning adaptation technologies. With the help of external experts from the University of Cambridge and Dutch consulting company ETC, the TEC identified and mapped the existing collection of relevant TRMs, analyzing their contents, identifying best practices as well as limitations, and preparing policy recommendations. The reports, brochures, workshops and presentations helped demonstrate the usefulness of TRMs in tackling climate change, with particular focus on their benefits to developing countries.

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