Aleksandra Spik – Ph.D. on organisational commitment and organisational citizenship behaviour

Aleksandra Spik successfully defended her doctoral dissertation, concerning the organisational commitment and employee’s organisational citizenship behaviours. The employee attitudes are rarely analysed by researchers in Poland, and Dr. Spik attempted to outline their consequences beneficial to organisations, as well as their links to the individual life satisfaction. The research project involved cultural adaptation of internationally-accepted standard Organisational Commitment Questionnaire (OCQ) by Meyer and Allen, and development of research instrument to measure Organisational Citizenship Behaviours (OCB). The suitability of these instruments was statistically verified and subsequently, Dr. Spik carried out a large-scale questionnaire survey, mapping the attitudes of Polish employees. She identified several organisational commitment profiles, outlining significant differences among profiles due to organisational positions, levels of life satisfaction or salary satisfaction, as well as the intensity of organisational citizenship behaviours displayed by an employee. In addition, regression analysis suggested specific relations between selected types of commitment and overall life satisfaction of employees. The research concluded with a model of employees’ movement between the five clusters, changing their organisational commitment with the passage of time and the increased work experience.

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