New research and doctoral positions at TiMO

TiMO is looking for a new researcher (assistant professor with Ph.D.) and for full-time doctoral students. Deadlines for applications are in mid-September, and detailed descriptions of the positions follow.

We are planning to recruit a researcher for the assistant professor position (“adiunkt”) at the Department of Organizational Theory and Methods, Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw. The candidate should have a doctoral degree from a renowned university in Poland or abroad, preferably in the field of management science, but candidates with degrees in social sciences or humanities can also apply if they can demonstrate scientific achievements relevant to the research activities of TiMO. Successful candidate should have good track record in teaching, scientific publications in the field of management, as well as proficiency in English, both orally and in writing. Details of the position are published on the website of the Faculty of Management. Deadline for document submissions is September the 10th, 2014. Interested candidates are encouraged to consult the TiMO website and contact Prof. Klincewicz with any questions related to the position, application details, and future research and teaching activities.

Faculty of Management recruits also full-time doctoral students for its 4-years study program. Polish citizens are exempt from tuition fees, and selected doctoral students will receive scholarships based on their performance. Recruitment is centralized for the entire Faculty of Management, with up to 30 doctoral students selected this year. During the application process, candidates should outline their research interests and draft research project proposal. They will select potential academic supervisors in the course of the first year of study, and some might be admitted to join TiMO. Details of the admission procedures are described on the website of the Faculty of Management.

Among potential academic supervisors at TiMO, prof. Żemigała can support doctoral projects concerning CSR (corporate social responsibility), environmental management, as well as other topics related to management and organization theory. Prof. Klincewicz focuses on technology and innovation management, innovation policies, R&D planning and corporate IPR strategies. Admission to the doctoral program does not guarantee the supervision, so candidates are encouraged to contact potential supervisors early in the process to increase the probability of receiving the support.

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