Environmental technologies in Poland

In 2013, the Ministry of Environment published an extensive report, concerning Polish market for environmental technologies, prepared by a team of researchers, headed by Krzysztof Klincewicz and including TiMO researchers Adrianna Jednoralska, Magdalena Marczewska, Marcin Darecki and Przemysław Wiśniewski. The researchers conducted in-depth interviews with 40 environmental technology providers – winners of 3 editions of GreenEvo competition. The research sample consisted thus of the most innovative and internationally active group of Polish producers, specialized in “green technologies”. The interviews painted a picture of the technology market, including R&D practices, management of technologies, sales processes and implementation projects. The report revealed many novel phenomena, important for the innovation policy makers, including the tendency to under-report (or failure to report) R&D expenditures by most of the analyzed companies, reasons for avoidance of legal IPR protection, and examples of shortcomings in public tenders concerning environmental technologies. The report was published ahead of the COP19, the 19th Conference of Parties in the climate change negotiations of UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change), which took place in Warsaw in November 2013.

Researchers involved: Krzysztof Klincewicz, Martyna Czerniakowska, Adrianna Jednoralska, Magdalena Marczewska, Marcin Darecki, Przemysław Wiśniewski

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